Activation Tips

American Express Confirm Card Online

Confirming your AMEX (American Express) Card is the primary thing you need to complete post getting your American Express Card.

Thus, you can confirm your AMEX Card online by just following some steps mentioned below :

  • Just visit American Express Card Confirmation website.
  • Now, you’ll see 2 Columns asking your 15-Digit Card Number and 4-Digit Card ID.
  • Fill all such details and click on the “Confirm” option.
  • Then need to log into your American Express online account.
  • If you already have an account on American Express online portal, use your username and password.
  • If you don’t have any online account (irrespective of your bank account), you can proceed the process of online account opening.
  • After creating an online account, login and follow some steps.
  • And lastly, your AMEX Card will be confirmed and ready to use.
Activation Tips

American Express Customer Service.

You can anytime reach the customer call service of American Express to get any assistance concerning confirmation of your American Express Card and confirming your credit card or for other issues too.

Here are the customer care service toll-free numbers of AMEX to confirm your American Express Card or other issues :

  • 1‑800‑954‑0559 (for the US).
  • 1‑801-449-4019 (for outside the US).

You can also reach AMEX customer care with their live chat just by logging into your online banking account.


Activation Tips

Confirm your American Express card on Phone.

You can confirm your American Express Card by American Express Card Activation Phone Number which is 1-800-362-6033. That will be a more suitable choice to confirm your card online if you’re having some troubles whicle confirming your card using American Express Online Banking Portal. Confirming your card via phone is an easy procedure:

  1. Just dial the toll-free Card Confirmation hotline number 1-800-362-6033 first.
  2. You’ll be on call with customer service executive of AMEX.
  3. You’ll be asked which card you want to confirm, answer all the questions carefully.
  4. You need to provide some card details (but nothing major details like CVC, etc.).
  5. Then, they’ll confirm your AMEX card once you verified all your identity-related details and your card will be confirmed successfully.
Activation Tips Signup/ Login.

You need to log into your online account on American Express Online Portal to get benefitted with many services like transferring funds, cashless transactions, paperless working, check balance and recent transactions, etc.

You can simply log into your account by following some basic steps given below :

  • Just visit American Express Online Portal.
  • Now provide your User ID and Password in the given fields and click the “Login” button.
  • If in case you don’t have any account, you can sign up for a new account from here.
  • You need to provide your 15-Digit Card Number and 4-Digit Card ID and click on the “Confirm” button.
  • If you you don’t have an 4-Digit Card too, yu can Sign up by filling your 5-Digit Zip Code and 15-Digit Card Number from here.
  • After that, you’re ready to log into your account from anywhere and do what you need to do online.